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About our PTA   

      The Chipperfield Elementary PTA is a not-for profit community organization. All sponsorship donations will be used directly to benefit the students at the Chipperfield Elementary School. The Chipperfield Elementary PTA is an important part of our school. It plays a vital role in the education of our young children.

     We provide assemblies, field trips, free books through DREAM, and many other valuable programs.

     We would like to offer an alternative to traditional fundraising. We understand that door-to-door selling may not be a good way for you to raise funds for our organization. If you would like to opt out of traditional fundraising, you can send in a one time donation to support the Chipperfield Elementary PTA.

     PTA needs you to do any little thing that you can do!

The Mission of our PTA
The mission of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to serve as an advocate for the education and well-being of our children and as a resource for our families.

 Join the PTA!

     We know how busy schedules are during the school year!  :) Another way to support our PTA is by making a one time donation in lieu of our traditional fundraising programs.  Don't forget...your membership is tax deductible!  100% of your donation will benefit the quality programs and activities at the Chipperfield Elementary School.  Thanks for supporting our school!  :)


Membership Card Reminder

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  • Assemblies
  • Field trips
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Red Ribbon Week (anti-drug and alcohol awareness)
  • School Rewards Programs
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Harvest Festival
  • Holiday Shop
  • Family Fitness Night
  • Fall/Spring Fundraisers
  • Chipperfield Elementary Carnival